I went to see New Breed by Sydney Dance Company last night. It consists of 5 works and is designed to give the next generation of contemporary choreographers a platform to have their work produced and seen. I was blown away.

It coincided serendipitously with watching Cate Blanchett’s speech at Gogh Whitlam’s recent memorial service just before I left the studio to go to Carriageworks.

I would encourage you to take the time to watch and listen. I felt myself bubbling up inside as she delivered her speech and all I could think was “go cate go!”

I found it inspiring and humbling to realise and remember the legacy of those who have worked hard to pave the way for us. Making room and space for culture, spirituality and the arts – indeed championing it and allowing us the freedom to express and explore it freely and openly. By fighting for policy and providing the structure to fund projects and provide the means by which we educate ourselves and learn our craft/s.

Cate speaks of all the things Whitlam put it place (when she was only 3!) that paved the way for her to explore and become an actor, she says that she herself is a product of these battles that the Whitlam government fought. She brings it home with a quote from Gogh himself,

“In any civilised community the arts and associated amenities must occupy a central place.

Their enjoyment should not be seen as remote from everyday life.

Of all the objectives of my government, non had a higher priority that the encouragement of the arts – The preservation and enrichment of our cultural and intellectual heritage.

Indeed I would argue that all other objectives of a labor government, social reform, justice and equity in the provision of welfare service and educational opportunities, have as their goal the creation of a society in which the arts and the appreciation of spiritual and intellectual values can flourish.

Our other objectives are all means to an end. The enjoyment of the arts, is an end, in itself.”

~ Deb ~

New Breed runs through until Saturday 8th November at Carriageworks in Sydney. You can buy tickets at ticket master

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