Thomas Bradley

Thomas Bradley is a movement and multidisciplinary artist based between Belgium and Sydney.

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Flow 流れ - Exhibition Opening Show

Create or Die presents Flow 流れ ; an immersive light, sound and art experience by artists Nema Adel and Iro Kitamura.

Friday 27th October, 6:30pm – 9:30pm, with special guest appearances.

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Nema Adel

Nema Adel is a digital & projection artist, working on multi-platform projects, collaborating with dancers, vocalists, artists, and musicians.

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Create or Die is a multi-platform Australian Arts Organisation.

Committed to championing innovation, freedom of expression and excellence in the Arts and Creative Practice, we work with artists across disciplines to create authentic projects, specialising in multi-platform works and produce content that pushes the boundaries of possibility.

Our courses & classes assist artists and creative practitioners in the continued growth and development of their practice. We aim to promote wider participation, exploration, and conversation in the arts, creativity, philosophy and social change. We believe the arts and creativity are a vital part of a thriving and sustainable society.

Bare: Wom*n’s Dinner at Create or Die  - by – Liv S from The Plus Ones Having never been to Create or Die before, I got to enjoy the full impact of seeing the place, enhanced by the absence of expectations. Murals danced across the soaring walls, in a...

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Visibility Matters: Mental Health & Creative Arts

  Frustrated with the lack of cultural and gender diverse representation in creative and mental health communities in Australia? Interested to learn how creativity can help further reduce the stigma around mental health? Join us for a night of exploration,...

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The Art of Life Drawing

BOOK YOUR PLACE: DESCRIPTION On the first Tuesday of each month, we are hosting a life drawing class. The models and host will vary month-to-month and may include some familiar faces. We will...

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Designed for artists of all disciplines, our membership: Fosters growth amongst a supportive and inspiring community Supports & facilitates the creation of new work Provides opportunity to collaborate with cross-disciplines Showcases, represents and advocates for...

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Dance or Die

"... And I just do it, but I'm not here... it's annoying when your past is attacking your mind while you are trying to build a new life." Millions of Syrians have fled their war-torn country. Those who stayed behind are confronted daily with the ongoing war and...

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Interview with Cat from Max Black

Who are you and what do you do? I’ve worked as a shopgirl at Max Black for the past 8 years. We are a small independently run company, which feels like a family. I identify as a queer woman, and I am a huge believer in the importance of my work with Max Black. I am...

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