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Helen Proctor artwork sydney artist

Helen Proctor // The Residency Project

“My current practice revolves around the exploration of the Australian landscape and the nostalgia that is evoked from particular locations. I am working in…

Iro Kitamara

IRO // The Residency Project

We were immediately struck by the sensitive and delicate nature of Iro’s work when he applied for our residency program. Blending impressionist watercolour flourishes…

Create or Die-Write-DebMorgan-Portrait photographer-Chrissie Hall

100 PICTURES | 100 STORIES // Jodee Knowles

How would you describe your art practice? It’s emotional content and primarily self-portrait based, working with the human condition; experiences in my life and…


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Sydney Dance Company Live Nude Peter Grieg

The exhibition: Nude

Long time Create or Die collaborator, Pedro Greig just produced this amazing video piece for Nude Live, for Sydney Festival 2017… amazing work Pedro!…

self-portrait1 160cmx120cm oil pastel on canvas

Are you too anxious or tired to create?

Before I go to bed, I thought I’d pay homage to an old friend – late night inspiration. recommended listening whilst reading this blog post….


Peter Greig on Taking the Leap

After 15 years as an Art Director in Design & Advertising, Peter Greig decided to switch careers to Photography and Film making… and hasn’t…