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give me one reason

Give me one reason

Tracey Chapman is one of my all time favourite artists. Her music to me is pure and filled with passion, whenever I need some…


that inspire us

Peter Greig on Taking the Leap

After 15 years as an Art Director in Design & Advertising, Peter Greig decided to switch careers to Photography and Film making… and hasn’t…

Visual Feast

eye candy


The Night are a new Sydney based collective with their debut show being held tonight at Work-Shop in Chippendale from 6pm. Our interview below…

Spazzing out over: James Jean

Create or Die Spotlight: James Jean About 16 months ago I came across a little art store that was closing down. I rummaged through…

herakut slider

Herakut are 4 hands

When I saw Herakut’s work my heart stopped beating and then felt like it was going to burst out of my chest cavity. It’s…

Creative Sustainability

refresh and maintain your creative spirit
self-portrait1 160cmx120cm oil pastel on canvas

Are you too anxious or tired to create?

Before I go to bed, I thought I’d pay homage to an old friend – late night inspiration. recommended listening whilst reading this blog post….

Look Up

Look Up!

I recently watched a video entitled “Look Up” – there’s a link at the bottom to watch it. I wrote a script for a…