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Chrissie Hall

Show me Someone // Emma Maye Gibson

Interviewing Emma Maye Gibson was a beautiful experience. Her grace, strength and conviction dazzled me as much as her alter ego does. — I am…

Chrissie Hall_Alan Harris

Show me Someone // Alan Harris

I interviewed Al whilst he was taking off his pants in the middle of the street, to change into shorts on a scorching day,…

Create or die 
Kim Siew _ Portraits_Chrissie Hall

Show me Someone // Kim Siew

I am an illustrator, muralist and most recently have been developing as an art curator. Can you tell us how it all began? It…


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fibre fair copy

Fibre Fair

Fibre Fair is a celebration of all things fibre art with the intent of introducing curious new audiences to the fibre community via markets,…


WAITLISTED // 1st October

Waitlisted, Emergent Artists Exhibition Waitlisted brings together fifteen emerging artists from within UNSW Art and Design for a group show at Create or Die…

it means more to you XL PRINT1


HY-PER-CHRO-MAT-IC is a body of individual works from six leading Sydney artists, all working in both the street and fine arts scene. With all…


Featured Artist // Cara O’Dowd

What first drew you to photography, how did you discover it? My grandfather was a photographer so I grew up around it. I was drawn…


Yoga Fridays

YOGA FRIDAYS // Create or Die The beautiful Claire Blackwood presents Yoga Fridays. Where: 10 Mitchell Street, Marrickville When: Every Friday 8:30am How Much:…