Create or Die is committed to championing innovation, freedom of expression and excellence in the Arts and Creative Practice.

We are a collective of writers, filmmakers, multi-platform artists, photographers, illustrators, fine artists; above all else…we are story-tellers. We produce authentic creative projects and content that push the boundaries and treat people as intelligent unique beings.

Our development programs assist artists and creative practitioners in the continued growth and development of their practice, as well as promoting wider participation, exploration and conversation of the arts, creativity, philosophy and social change.

We are passionate about making space and opportunities for multi-disciplinary collaborations, and our headquarters in Marrickville is designed to enable just that; a space for building, creating, painting, shooting, lighting, writing and more.

We facilitate collaborations between artists that may otherwise not get the opportunity to work together, including visual arts, light industrial and high technology practices.

We believe the arts and creativity are a vital part of a thriving and sustainable society.

Our projects and services include;

  • Creative producing; film, documentary, stage productions, “social good” campaigns, multi-platform projects
  • Artist and Creative Practitioner Development
  • Facilities for multi-disciplinary arts – film, photography, artist studios. Including; visual arts, light industrial and high-technology activities
  • Publication; arts, philosophy, socially conscious, documentary, opinion pieces
  • Arts and Cultural Development Programs

To become a member or collaborate with us email deb@createordie.com.au



Working in the commercial and advertising world as Creative Producer, Deb found that it was often hard to find the space and time in her insanely busy schedule not only for her own art, but for connecting with other artists in a meaningful and soulful way.

The dream was to create a platform which brought creative practitioners together to inspire authentic, connected, innovation and collaboration.

Starting an open dialogue with other practitioners about that work/life/soul/creative/art balance, she began to explore the topic and find out how other people managed this balancing act.

Although often reluctant to let down the “smoke & mirrors”, she found surprisingly, that once the conversation started flowing, nearly every creative practitioner she connected with, felt exactly the same way – there was not enough space, support or opportunities in their life to create, connect and collaborate in a meaningful and authentic way.

Late one night whilst watching a documentary about Dennis Hopper in her little tin house in Melbourne, Deb was inspired to build an online platform, where these creatives could showcase their own personal art (as opposed to ‘client’ work) and connect with each other.

Eight years later and Create or Die is now a fully fledged creative organisation. It has grown organically and developed into an institution that has produced, supported, exhibited, developed and championed hundreds of projects, artists and creative practitioners, and works with some of Australia’s most talented painters, illustrators, musicians, photographers, performers, composers, cinematographers – artists.

For media, bookings or further information contact: deb@createordie.com.au