I was in search for the perfect image to send to a friend and share that feeling of connectedness.

My search led me to an intoxicating image by Russian artist Tatiana Kozakova. The surrealism sent me into a spin, I was lost in an alternate reality of winged bird-fish humans that ride on weightless sea-saws, sipping on red wine through straws, catching fish under a starlit night whilst UFO’s play in the distance.

Her works depict creatures and magical lands, brought to life through rich brooding colours and vivid imagination.

“We’re the Wild Things” is a series of musings over artists who are inspired by animals and creatures. Here we feature just three of The Wild Things that have in turn inspired us on our blog. We take a trip around the world from Russia to Germany and over to Peru.”


I first came across Kazakova when searching for art inspired by a full moon – and I found this piece to the left! This of course started a frenzy of image hunting and I completely forgot what I was doing – that, in my mind, is the sign of a true Muse. Her work is emerged in surrealism and takes us away to magical lands, it is an escapism which is welcomed amongst the sometimes noisy clutter of life.


Herakut is one those artists with whom I felt an immediate and deep connection and their work continues to completely spazz me out on a daily basis with their beautiful, painful, weird and wonder-filled creations. Herakut is in fact an artist with four hands: those of Akut the graffiti artist, and those of Hera the painter. Watch them in action here.


Aside from having one of the longest and coolest names I’ve ever seen, Ana Teresa Barboza takes embroidery out of the hands of your grandmother and into the land of baddass! Using thread and mixed medium, her images ooze metaphors and meaning. There is a dark beauty to this Wild Thing that draws you in and makes you stop and think. Bodies become canvases and animals draw attention to our intricate and fragile human nature.