Frustrated with the lack of cultural and gender diverse representation in creative and mental health communities in Australia? Interested to learn how creativity can help further reduce the stigma around mental health? Join us for a night of exploration, deep-thinking, and creativity including an exhibition with art stalls followed by a panel discussion.The QUO, The Bumblefly Effect, FOLK Magazine and Create or Die have joined forces in the hopes of bringing about an intersectional feminist revolution. Full panel and other special guests to be announced.

Our Guests (more to be announced…)

Moreblessing Maturure is a Sydney-based actor, writer, and creative director of FOLK Magazine – an online platform dedicated to showcasing Artists of Colour.

Kristy Dickinson is the creator and owner of the jewellery brand Haus of Dizzy. An Indigenous designer from Sydney’s Inner West, she has been making jewellery in different mediums for the past 16 years. Kristy uses the laser cutting machine and beautiful premium-coloured acrylics. Her brand is bright, bold and definitely a conversation starter. Think kaleidoscopic eye-popping earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pins in the shape of glittery dinosaurs, hearts, stars and Girl Boss messages to turn heads in any room.

Candy Royalle is an award-winning performance artist, poet, storyteller, activist, educator and vulnerability advocate who fuses cinematic storytelling, poetry and unique vocal rhythms with confronting, political and heart-thumping content seekingto break open closed hearts. She tackles topics ranging from sexual obsession to social injustice, exploring the human condition and illuminating the darker areas of the human psyche for her audiences.

Caitie Gutierrez is a mental health advocate and human rights activist from New York. She is the founder and curator of The Bumblefly Effect, an intersectional and global collective of creatives committed to breaking the stigma of mental illness. It is a social media movement & platform created to display the creative works of marginalised people who have struggled with and been inspired by their mental health journeys.

Tim Kent (aka Stackhat) is a music producer, director and poet living with Borderline Personality Disorder. Over the past 10 years, he has worked with a diverse roster of local and international artists including Lior, Sampa the Great, Owen Campbell, Jai Courtney, Omar Musa, Horrorshow and Flying Lotus. Stackhat’s infallible punk rock ethos and penchant for genre mashing will leave you feeling slightly disturbed, strangely intrigued and pleasantly bewildered.

Raj Panda is a Sydney based emerging artist working in ink and watercolour mediums. He was born in India in 1984 and moved to Australia in 2007. He took up art as a tool to cope with depression and now art is his voice and passion. He has started to use his art as a form of activism and wants to make the viewer think about the world we live in. He has been nominated as a Finalist in the 2017 Moreton Bay Region Art Awards, 2017 Wyndham Art Prize, 2016 Eutick Memorial Still Life Award, 2016 Little Things Art Prize and 2016 NAB Flanagan Art Prize.

The Collaborators

The QUO is a young and upcoming online social enterprise dedicated to sharing sidelined stories, channelling empathy, and bringing together the disparate efforts already reimagining the status quo. Uniting stories, organisations, events and campaigns in one place, they exclusively cover Mental Health, Refugee Rights, Environment, Identity, First Australians, Art As Activism, Power & Policy, and Grassroots Initiatives.

The Bumblefly Effect is an intersectional and global collective of creatives committed to breaking the stigma of mental illness. They aim to highlight the importance of communities supporting and “passing the mic” to those most marginalised. Listening to lived experiences and making changes on the terms of those who suffer most fosters community, equality, and good mental health for all.

FOLK Magazine is where art, culture, comedy and a splash of personality collide. Its mission is to connect and empower Artists of Colour from all over, and facilitate a shift in our society.

Create or Die is committed to championing innovation, freedom of expression and excellence in the Arts and Creative Practice. They are a collective of writers, filmmakers, multi-platform artists, photographers, illustrators, fine artists, and, above all else, storytellers. They produce authentic creative projects and content that push the boundaries and treat people as intelligent unique beings.