Curated by The Corner Cooperative, USELESS is a group exhibition focusing on materials that have been re-contextualised, recycled or re-purposed. The throwaway nature of our consumer culture means that almost everything is disposable, and subsequently often wasted. The exhibition will feature 16 artists who have rummaged through the piles of the disposed to incorporate these ‘useless’ materials into their respective practices. Emphasising the importance of sustainability, USELESS foregrounds the need for society to re-imagine the endless possibilities of the everyday.

USELESS opens on Thursday October 2, at Create Or Die – 10 Mitchell Street Marrickville.

James Carey 
Diego Collado
Beth Dillon
Ariella Friend
Paul McGrath
Eva Millares
Meaghan Potter
Patch Sinclair
Bridge Stehli
Renae Swann
Ter Hor & Zeke’s Lunchbox
Jackie Terrett
Logan Thompson
Bryden Williams

Big love and thanks to Mountain Goat Beer, Fourth Wave Wine and TheVeggie Patch Van.
This project has benefited from an Arts & Design Grant courtesy of Arc @ UNSW Limited

Opening night: 
Thursday October 2, 6-9pm

Exhibition opening hours:
October 3 – 5, 10am – 4pm

useless_artistBoard useless_artistBoard_small