Elsa Isabella is a visual artist born in 1992 in Kempsey on the Mid North Coast. She studied English Literature, creative writing, and drama at Newcastle University in 2011. She then moved to Sydney to undergo a Fine Arts degree at the National Art School. She uses charcoal, oil, acrylic, beads, photography and fabric to explore the undergrowth of beauty found within the everyday mundane objects surrounding her.

Especially inspired by the human figure, the Australian landscape and flora, her work treads the line between representational and abstract with patches of reality meshing amongst thickets of imagined forms.

Elsa is highly developed at figurative drawing, and can create intricate, lifelike portraits which she then breaks down to an abstracted form incorporating blind drawing methods while bringing a strong feminine energy in the form of oil paint with her choice of colour pops.

She has always been inspired by religious iconography, though not religious herself; she was raised around Catholic grandparents and was exposed to the art that adorns the walls of cathedrals. From this inspiration, she creates miniature ‘altarpieces’ carved from chocolate boxes, which contain an intimate, sexual, powerful Goddess, God, or Deity detailed in gold. These pieces are highly detailed which is juxtaposed by their miniscule size, drawing the viewer in physically so as to view the work in its entirety, making the audience part of the final piece.
Elsa’s art practice covers multiple mediums, yet still manages to hold a continuous narrative.