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When I saw Herakut’s work my heart stopped beating and then felt like it was going to burst out of my chest cavity.

It’s a magical moment when you see a body of work and feel an instant affinity with it. Herakut is one of those artists with whom I felt an immediate and deep connection, and their work continues to completely freak me out with their beautiful, painful, weird and wonder-filled creations.

Herakut is in fact an artist with four hands: those of Akut the graffiti artist, and those of Hera the painter.

On a background often made by Hera, Akut begins to lay strokes and creates a face without knowing what body Hera is will extend it with, and so on. Their approaches combine with, and complete each other, as each artist improvises on top of the other’s idea in order to come up with an end product that gives off an almost schizophrenic vibe. There begins to emerge dreamlike paintings and narratives overflowing with black humour. Man seems to oscillate between his mythological lineage, his animal urges and a body which confines him within the limits of his wounds.
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