A lazy Sunday event celebrating films situated on the edges of taste, skill and consciousness.

Come and witness cinematic moments where inspiration often exceeds the film promoters execution – i.e. “why the hell don’t we know about these films!?”

SCREENING THIS MONTH: Secret Film name – yet to be announced.

…insight from the vault…
Though, this film may be an underground classic, it’s visually stunning artistic qualities makes it instantly appealing.

A gentle hallucination of colour and orientalism, this is the film that inspired the aesthetic for Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python fame).

The real-life characters inhabit exquisite worlds of hand-drawn illustrations and colour blocked scenes.

Essentially, this film is super trippy but a total crowd pleaser which will leave you wondering “how the heck did they make that!!”

Hang around after the showing and extend the Sunday love with upbeat sounds without genre.

ADMISSION: $10 (includes vibes)

Note – this film is in subtitles (not scary!) if you don’t like subtitles, we suggest you learn to ;) you are missing out on some seriously amazing cinematic experiences.