When I first discovered the ethos behind Showcase Gallery I nearly fell off my chair. It meshed so beautifully with the concept of Create or Die. We’re so proud that director Kellie has forged her way into the Australian Gallery space and has provided a breath of fresh air in the gallery offerings in Sydney and Australia, but not only that, she’s forging the way for a wonderful culture and opportunities for people in Creative Industries to show us their personal art!



26th July – 13th August 2011

Showcase Gallery officially opened in Darlinghurst this month, providing one of the few avenues in Australia that supports creative professionals wanting to develop their artistic profile. The gallery is designed to boost the exposure of creative’s personal work and prompt deeper thought on cultural assumptions regarding the division of art and advertising.

The Launch Exhibition features personal pieces by the highly and internationally regarded photographers Mark Mawson, Chuck Bradley and Nicholas Alan Cope, designers Bianca Chang and Terry Chisholm, and art directors Paul Meates and Jed DePyper. From the illustrations of Three Drunk Monkeys art director Jed DePyper to Chuck Bradley’s preference for beautifully lit photography, audiences will see an interesting departure from what these professionals are commercially recognised for.

Showcase Gallery Director Kellie Nichol-Smith explains the ethos behind Showcase Gallery:
“The work produced by these creative’s is quite diverse and highlights a need to return to their artistic roots.
“The space validates and calls to action that artistic and creative impulse which often gets lost as they forge ahead with their commercial careers.
“I’ve always been fascinated with advertising and art and how one can inform the other. I want to encourage creative’s to get in touch with, and develop, their artistic side. There’s so much talent and insight within the industry and it deserves to be on show and celebrated.”

Paper artist Bianca Chang, who worked for Frost Design before becoming a freelance designer, praised Showcase Gallery for bringing a much-needed collaborative space to the Australian creative community. “The gallery’s concept is original and creates a meeting ground where ideas can be exchanged through a growing network of peers,” she said. “I originally developed my art practice to appeal to other graphic designers – Showcase will help me to broaden my reach. I believe Kellie has the experience, network and general know-how to be able to communicate with and understand the motives, background and artistic desires of an artist, with a design mode of thinking rather than a fine art one.”

Photographer Mark Mawson said Showcase Gallery encouraged a perspective toward art and creativity that exists internationally but has been missing from the local scene.
“I’ve had lots of interest in my personal work from international galleries but not a lot in Sydney, there seems to be something missing here,” Mark Mawson said.
“Having gallery representation in Sydney is important and will help develop a presence for my work in Australia.”

For more information check out Showcase Gallery website: http://www.showcasegallery.com.au/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Showcase-Gallery/196349083730240