Show me Someone… who says it’s easy explores the many facets of being an Artist.

The show is all about what being an artist means in this modern society; the balance, the ebb and flow, the struggles and triumphs. What it means to the individual, also how they experience this journey as part of a community.

Spawn from the Create or Die Breakfast Club, a collective of creatives who meet every Friday without fail to break bread and share their creative life. “Show me Someone who says it’s easy” is a show of individual works by multidisciplinary artists, photographers, painters, writers and film makers – all expressing how they feel as ‘artist’ in this modern  it opens Friday 30th October at Create or Die Gallery.

The show includes works by:
Carl Noonan
Brad Robson
Alan Harris
Rosell Flatley
Alex Wregg
Chrissie Hall
Kim Siew
Tabitha Horsley Noonan
Amy Claire Mills
Deb Morgan
Raul Ortiz De Lejarazu
Storm Ashwood
Cara O’Dowd

Keep in touch with the show and RSVP on the facebook event page: