I am a Photographer and Art Director.

I’ve always been fascinated with the camera and I picked up photography when I was young, but I didn’t know it was going to be my career. I was 8 years old and I had a plastic camera, I just loved to press the button and see what happens!

How did you come to focus more on photography in your life?
I traveled a lot and decided to take more photos of the places I visited. When I came to Australia I chose to be more serious about my photography and so I enrolled to CATC to do a Diploma of Photography. I wanted to meet more people from the industry and secondly I wanted to learn the technical side of things.

As an artist you need to keep learning, I think it’s very important to keep your brain working, learning from other people. That’s why I came to Create or Die to connect with other creatives.

What is your background before going into photography?
I was in Advertising in Madrid and was always doing photography on the side, because that’s the thing I love. Next I am doing a Masters of Design through Torrens University of Australia.
Can you tell us about your work?
My most recent work, the Multi-verse series was inspired by architectural design which I love, I take it and mix with sci-fi and design elements

I’m thinking now about doing another series of multi-verse, because I think there is more to explore and I just love it.

What does create or die mean to you?
It’s life!! I think it’s the way as creative people we need to live. If we are not creating something, we feel empty. We need to fill our lives with creativity.

~ Raul will be exhibiting his work at “Show me Someone who says it’s easy” – by the Create or Die Breakfast club, a group of creatives dedicated to meeting and munching each week in aid of supporting, collaborating and celebrating together.