I’m an Audio Engineer.

What type of projects do you work on?
Mostly live music. Trying to start a company-recording students as they are learning their instruments to track their progress. Kind of like school photo’s for the audio process. Capture the moment.

I have a little studio in Paddington. The program is mainly for school aged students, but anyone for really. I have recorded people from 12 – 60 year old. Usually classical piano, orchestral etc.

How did you come to have your own studio and what other types of projects do you work on?
I do a lot of band recordings, mixing at pubs, clubs and gigs.  I freelance at other places as well… and also doing boring conferencing things. I just built up relationships. I now own enough gear for classical recordings and I hire the rest in when I need to.

Do you play any instruments?
I play guitar and drums, also clarionet and piano (not sure how well!!)

How did you get into sound recording?
I was going down a bit bad path in high-school and a music teacher brought in a rep from an audio engineering college and did a pre-leaving school talk. I guess it sparked from there.

Did you study sound?
I studied SAE Audio Engineering. Loved it, it was a small class.

What are your creative outlets?
Music is my passion, seeing gigs and… video games.

What are you working on at the moment?
Doing a cert 3 in micro-business.

What does Create or Die mean to you?
Create or Die – it speaks to the idea of making your life worthwhile. What’s the point? Leaving your mark and legacy. Otherwise you may as well fizzle out and never been.