What do you do?

I do everything.

Workwise? I do Graphic Design, illustration, sometimes commissioned artwork.

But creatively… anything and everything.

I run a company called Web Wolves – we do web design, branding, graphic design, illustration.

How long have you been working for yourself?

One full year now!

I’m working on a brand at the moment called Sea Wolf – the methodology is about living more wild. Products will be a range of underwater goods – hunter & gatherer equipment for the common Jo, as well as an apparel range.

Are you an under water lover yourself?

Yes. I was born in the ocean.

I am also a distant relative of Poseidon himself. I love everything about the ocean, the salt and the sun, the refreshing…ness. It cleanses my sins.

I’ve done spear fishing a few times and am looking forward to getting more into it. I love the idea of catching your own food. I do scuba diving, snorkeling, anything involving the ocean is great. I have no rich friends with boats, but that would be cool. One day I will have a boat.

What other creative outlets do you have?
I love painting in my spare time. Illustration I do love, but it’s often someone else’s vision, where as painting can go anywhere and be spontaneous which I also love being as person.

Create or Die – what does it mean to you?

Create or Die is amazing I wanna be in it and on it all the time!

Create or Die that kind of ambition to live freely through creativity. Absorb it. Become it. Be it. Or Feck off.