Maddison Missina

I’m a Pornstar, sex and relationship therapist and public speaker, I also teach sex education at high schools.
What type of thing do you talk about with the kids in high schools?

I talk about about porn literacy. I basically try to explain to the kids that porn is stunt sex. Real intimate sex is about sensations, feelings, emotions and connections – not looking good. There’s a real difference between the sex that I have in real life and the sex I have on film.
How did you get into the porn industry?

I was a sex therapist and I wanted to start making it public to draw awareness. I realized I needed to do something a little obscene. I tried out for Babe TV Live, it’s one of those Late night chat show. “Call me boys” – I got to learn a lot as it was a 6 hour live shift with no break, from there I was spotted by porn producers.

I have a counselling degree specialising in sex therapy.
What props did you bring to the shoot?

My pink roller-skates. It sums up how I live life – I’m always a big kid. I have Peter Pan syndrome and feel like I never grew up. With my sex talks, I try to show the magic in every day life, I feel like we are missing this in our society. People don’t stop to be stupid or silly… they don’t stop to play. My girlfriend and I (she’s a skate boarder), we were making YouTube fail videos at one stage, just for fun.

I’m a big believer that children, when they are born, they are perfect. They spend all day being in the moment and they are so creative but by the time we are adults it’s all been drummed out of us. Stress and depression is all about people living in past and future – we have lost the ability to stop and have fun. We are always in the perfect moment it’s just that we don’t realise it.

What does Create or Die mean for you?

Kids are free before they are told the “NO” – they are creative. There are two ways to live life. When we are doing the mortgage and not paying attention to do what we were meant to do or when we are following our creativity and freedom.
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9/31 – Portraits and Conversations series. Photo by Chrissie Hall, Interview by Deb Morgan