I’m a Spinkler Fitter. So I brought a big wrench – stilsons, Hard Hat, Flexible pipe, Fire hydrant, Drill Cover and Extinguisher covers.

Do you ever see interesting things whilst installing?
I was working at the Garvin institute and had to move this sprinkler set. We saw this machine and it was used to pluck cells and then had lasers to cut the cells apart, take out the bad cells and retrieve the good cells.

How long have you been doing this job?
15 years the first time, I then had a break and have been back now for 2 years.

What were you doing whilst you had a break?
I was being a single Father raising 2 boys. I did hospitality.

How did you end up at this portrait shoot?
I met Chrissie when she did her book. She rang me up because I was doing life modelling and asked me to pose.

How did you come to do life modelling!
I was doing lawn mowing as an extra job, to get the boys to and from school. One of the retired couples that I worked for said the arts place they were involved in were always looking for models.

At the time when she asked me if I would do it, I was drenched in sweat and she had brought me a cordial from inside the house to cool me down. It was a strange setting.

I went home and thought “that’s crazy!”.. But then I just took a deep breath and thought “why not, I’ll give it a go”. You learn over time what you can do.

Did you find it challenging?
Yes to begin with, but during art classes it’s actually almost like a meditation, during the arts class lessons that is.

I now also run Hen’s nights where I direct the class in a more interactive way.

What do you mean… interactive?
laughs – I just do things like getting them to draw the whole picture with their left hand or without taking their hand off the page.

People are often surprised when I tell them that I do life modelling. It was extra cash to begin with, but now it’s just something that I do.