What is your practice?

How did you first start and why?
visceral urge.  it’s what I’m supposed to do.

What keeps you going?
New work.

What are your creative outlets?
Painting, music,  photography, Poetry. Life.

What Props did you bring to the shoot? Why? Myself and paint. Because I paint. My prop is myself.  me.
What is the hardest thing about your practice?
I don’t really like to think about the hard parts of my practice too much.  It’s not easy to create a great image sometimes,  but you have to work through the bad to get the good.  Hard work and determination creates results.  Full stop.

What has been the most significant moment for you creatively so far?
Exhibiting 3 simultaneous solo shows in NYC 🗽.

What motivates you? Life, pictures,  music,  love,  the universe.

If money were no object, what would you do? Buy several art studios around the world.  Give to an arts organisation.

What are you currently working on / what’s coming up for you?
Another project with the Woodward Gallery in NYC.

What does Create or Die mean to you?
Collaboration, think tank.