I’m a Production Manager in Events. I run Kamikaze couture events, we tour with onsite costumery. My specialty is outdoor events.

What items did you bring?
I brought a little rose port glass. It’s like a symbol of “cheers” – drinking together and enjoying life. I also brought an isolated diode for a dual battery. It connects two batteries to it and both will accept the charge from the third charge, it isolates two batteries.

Do you have any other creative outlets?

Sailing, that’s why my tie has boats on it. I sail on Sydney Harbour, take a cat out and run it around. I’d like to own a cat one day, even if it’s only a 3-maner. I am part of a crew on a boat called the Holland – it’s a middle harbor yaught club. We’ve raced in 3 seasons, we were placed in one and won one.

As a kid I was brought up with the knowledge of sailing and re-sparked it by sailing on the yaught.

I love the open blue water.

You are using the power of the wind, utilising natural powers to drive the vehicle, you’re not just sticking an engine in the water. You have to use tactics to get to where you want to be. You need to really think about it. It’s a little bit dangerous and very challenging. You need to be prepared to take evasive action. I love being in challenging situations.

How did you get involved in this portrait project?
Tealia, my partner, works with Chrissie. This is the first time I have been involved in front of the camera.

I have been running Kamakazee Couture with Tealia for about 10 years now, we launched at Pete’s Ridge Festival.

Can you tell me what’s involved in setting up the pop-up costumery?

We bring the dressing rooms and whatever is required for the job. We are about to run the pop-up costumery at Rocks Village Bizzare. We will provide drapes, carpet, dressing rooms, we have dressers who help us, a make up artist and a cloak person. The cloak person inducts the person to be dressed. The dressers dress the person (they don’t have much say in what they are getting dressed into), their clothes are then cloaked and they walk down the red carpet and into the night!

Who pays for the experience?
In this instance Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, they are running the event so they will pay for us to provide the experience to people attending the festival. The festival is all about things that are different, vibrant, things that come out at night. Anyone can come into the costumery.

We also do private events, office parties etc.

What do you do outside of Kamakaze Couture?
I have 3 specialties – Event Management, Installation of AV integrated systems within theatres and Conceptual Design.

So if a marketing company has an idea that they want, I can help conceptualise it and make it a reality. I take a concept and deliver it.

I love the combination of Magic making and Problem Solving. I work in difficult environments in outside events and then there is the conceptual design plus working with the client to produce the product. I love the variety.

Do you have any other outlets?
Climbing. I go to St Peter’s rock climbing centre, but I like climbing on truss in theatres and doing fit outs. I’m a qualified rigger and I’ve been up in the Opera House way above the seats installing – it’s exhilarating!

What does Create or Die mean to you?
It’s a natural for humans to create. So if you’re not creating … well? You need to be creative or you’re not using your potential and that gives you a desire to live. It’s a very mind oriented statement. Even in death you are still creating life.