I am a Nurse at St Vincents Hopital part-time, whilst studying a Masters of nursing.

What props did you bring to the shoot?

I brought fairy lights and Tazo Star Wars. I was trying to think of quirky things, because I feel like I’m a quirky person. But it’s hard to have something outside of yourself. These tazo’s are one thing I’m never going to get rid of, I’ve always carried them around in this little case, every place that I’ve moved to. I also have a huge collection of post cards.

What is your creative outlet?
I’ve been trying to push myself creatively – to make things and create things all the time! I sew a lot and dress up. I also paint and I’m trying to make a light installation out of coat hangers. I’ve been making cushions out of denim jeans. I sometimes go out in drag. I got a tattoo live on ABC. I volunteer for Get Up and was a campaign leader for them for a few months, I was a spokesperson for renewal energy campaign… So yes, lots of things!

How did you come to do this shoot?
I saw Chrissie’s post and I thought, “that’s awesome!” I was in a very creative mood. I had done a few shoots – I was in a fashion show for a legging fashion brand, they do men’s yoga products as well.

What are some other things that you do?
I just finished donating sperm, it was really long process. I would really like children of my own. A small part of it was trying to see if I could actually have children at all. As a gay man I feel an affinity with people who can’t have children. I have a lot of interest in the education of sexual health.

What does create or die mean to you?
For me, I feel like life is about expression and I would rather live a short expressive life than not create. It would be a small death for me. It would be like dying. I have so many creative friends around me. I find it harder not to create than create.