I’ve seen this piece on previous visits to the Gallery of NSW, but for some reason it really sunk in this time around.

It is the work of Ricky Swallow, born in San Remo (yes that’s a place in Australia!), Victoria in 1974, he now lives and works in Los Angeles. His works from last decade, which “KILLING TIME” at Art Gallery of NSW is a part of, are highly detailed and often utilises every day objects in slightly strange combinations – e.g. a fish in the inner section of a car tyre – entitled “PRIVATE DANCER”…And his titles are so hilarious and dark!


The works are basically left in their raw media – all in the one colour of wood or bronze – and have an odd energy that sucks you in, like a never ending dark-hole to another dimension. They are hollow…yet haunting. I could seriously stare at those little hollow fish eyes for hours.

His more recent work has taken on more of a cubism/modernist design, which albeit quite lovely in it’s own right, doesn’t get hold of me like his previous work and I find myself singing “I like your old stuff better than your new stuff”… which I am, I’ll admist always ashamed of even thinking when it comes to any form of creation.

I always try and confront myself when I think this way, force myself to mull on it, let it sink in, take it for it’s own value and not compare it to something that it can’t be compared to…then I can accept it for what it is and find true beauty and happiness in it’s form…could probably apply that to most things in life!