A long time ago in a galaxy far far away lived a girl in a little tin roof house…whilst watching a documentary by the late Dennis Hopper something struck her like a lightning bolt. The dream to forge a platform for creative people to showcase their personal work and encourage one another had been a longstanding one, but suddenly it all started to become clear….

That was over 7 years ago!

A victim of her own warnings, she fell into more and more commitments to keep the rent paid and food on the table (ok and the occasional pair of sweetly fitting jeans as well)..time flew by and before she knew it she was screaming inside “CREATE OR DIE!”

So many of the beautiful, talented freaks around her were falling into the same trap – should she let it keep bubbling inside or let it out?

It may sound dramatic and really… what’s a life without a little drama…but it really rings true to so many people and that’s why she finally decided to bite the bullet – you only live once – Create or Die.