Create or Die Artists and Creative Practitioners are opening their doors on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October, 10m – 4pm to show you behind the scenes of their practice, showcase the work they have been creating and talk to you about their art, process, methods and ethos behind their art.

The Open Studio Showcase will include a program of art, talks, workshops, live installations and intimate conversations by artists including;

Mary Van Gils
Flutter Lyon
Maria Harding
Evie Spring
Chrissie Hall
Brad Robson
Roselle’s Creatures
Deb Morgan
Alexander Wregg
Jessie Ray

Say you are going on the event page: – so we know how many cookies to bake!


Create or Die is an Arts & Creative organisation committed to championing innovation, freedom of expression and excellence in the Arts and Creative Practice.

We are a collective of writers, filmmakers, multi-platform artists, photographers, illustrators, fine artists; above all else…we are story-tellers. We produce authentic creative projects, artistic work and content that push the boundaries and treat people as intelligent unique beings.

Our development programs assist artists and creative practitioners in the continued growth and development of their practice, as well as promoting wider participation, exploration and conversation of the arts, creativity, philosophy and social change.

We are passionate about making space and opportunities for multi-disciplinary collaborations, and our headquarters in Marrickville is designed to enable just that; a space for building, creating, painting, shooting, lighting, writing and more.

We facilitate collaborations between artists that may otherwise not get the opportunity to work together, including visual arts, light industrial and high technology practices.

We believe the arts and creativity are a vital part of a thriving and sustainable society.