I first came across the work of Flutter Lyon a couple of years ago through a dear friend Kellie Nicol-Smith who was running Showcase Gallery in Darlinghurst, Sydney. I was so intrigued by Flutter’s art-form and was instantly drawn to the energy that flowed through the piece.

I connected with Flutter’s work again when I was going through a bit of a tough time in which I needed to muster up a lot of courage. I happened upon this image which I set as my background on my computer throughout that period. Some days I honestly think it’s the only thing that kept me going! I mean…Come on, that is one RAD chick on the back of a mother f@#!n ute baby!

Roughly 6 months ago I received a message from Flutter asking if I’d like to talk about working together. She said something like “Hey there Deb Morgan (she always uses my first and last name which I love!), I hear you are pretty rad, I have something pretty rad to share with the world…together think together we can do something even more rad!”… I pretty much swoon over anyone who used the term rad, so she basically had me there.

Since then, the  journey Flutter and I have taken has been one of the most rewarding and ‘real’ collaborations I’ve undertaken to date and I cannot wait for what 2014 has in store.


A little bit about Flutter…

Flutter Lyon is an Australian contemporary artist who works with a unique visual language known as Ink-Pressing.

These striking symmetrical forms, taking inspiration from Hermann Rorschach’s psychological ink-blot tests of the 1920s, engage with the mind of the individual viewer to tell a unique story on any given day.

Created using ink illustrated through syringes on cotton paper, these hyper intricate and technicolour visual works represent intimate conversations – both in the mind of the artist and conversations shared with participants during personal Pressing Sessions.

“I believe in the courage, imagination and creativity that every human being possesses – and that they are the shining, golden keys to our happiness.”

Integral to Flutter Lyon’s practice is a desire to create spaces and experiences that allow moments for a person to be still.  The Ink-Pressings act as an anchor point for people to take a moment to consider different ways of seeing themselves and the world around them. She is interested in breaking down the traditional walls that sometimes surround the artistic and creative worlds and inviting any person into that fold – giving that person simple ways to utilise the offering of the experience in their daily lives.

She also conducts creative workshops and hosts dinner events that encourage conversation and connection between individual human beings.

Find out more about Flutter Lyon here: http://flutterlyon.com/


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