The call out has today been made for creative types around Australia to design a work inspired by the thought of living a life less plastic, in a new environmental art & design competition called Message in a Bottle.

Artists & designers can submit their creative response to the plastic pandemic until November 16, culminating in a finalist’s exhibition with winning artworks to be printed on bar coasters and beer labels throughout Australia.


Environmental activist and writer Amy Kyriacou has teamed up with creative collective Create or Die along with a host of Sydney’s leading bars, cafes, restaurants and brewers to take the competition to the streets, rallying artists to make a creative response to plastic pollution.


Message in a Bottle is a call to arms for every creative who wants to make a statement on a serious issue which is taking an irreparable toll on our environment – our needy obsession with single use, throwaway plastics. And our appetites are growing.


“I became fixated on the scores of people purchasing plastic bottle after plastic bottle and the Baristas churning through coffee cup lids by the thousand. Every piece of plastic ever created still exists today – how can that not be a problem.


“When we draw so much inspiration from the environment, it made perfect sense to see how artists respond to the issue and challenge them to think ‘outside the bottle’ “, said Amy Kyriacou.


Create or Die founder Deb Morgan said the partnership was a natural one for the online collective which aims to support creatives who don’t make their primary living from their art.


“It’s an opportunity to make art for art’s sake with the additional value of being about something starkly important – the health of the environment.


“With all the buzz and pressures of modern life, people tending to demanding clients rarely get the chance to make their own art – and a competition like this gives Creatives a chance to consider an issue, hopefully get a little bit outraged, and make something in response.


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More information & interviews

Ed Shiell 0402 254 968/

Deb Morgan 0414 412 797/

Watch campaign video:


Exhibition opening night diary details
When: 25th January 2013
Where: Create or Die Gallery. Commune, 1/160 Rochford Street Erskineville
Time: 6-9 pm


Artwork Specs

There are no limitations on the entries – all forms of print-able visual art forms including photography, graphic design and fine arts are encouraged. Art will need to be set up at 300dpi, 500mm diameter round canvas with 10mm bleed.


Artists & designers are encouraged to submit in low res, but to design the work in high-res so if selected to feature on opening night at Create or Die gallery in Erskineville, it can be produced and displayed.