I recently watched a video entitled “Look Up” – there’s a link at the bottom to watch it.

I wrote a script for a video like this a while ago with a similar name, “It’s amazing what you see, if only you look up” but ironically, I have probably been too busy on social media lately to shoot it.

I’d like to add that I think there is too much emphasis on second half of the video – which I think is just meant to be an example – not a mantra for life.

There is a part in the video in which the narrator says “Look up from your phone, shut down the display, take in your surroundings, make the most of today. Just one real connection, is all it can take, to show you the difference that being there can make.”

For the creator of this video, the example that follows (finding a girl, getting married, growing old) is probably something very personal for him.

It speaks of his own personal values, and perhaps shouldn’t have been made this way because it is drawing too much attention away from the main messages – which are certainly very important for me personally.

It is not just about the people in your life that an unhealthy emphasis/distraction by social media and the ‘display’ can effect.

It’s not just about the chances you might miss in meeting some amazing people and forming new connections because you are looking down (or worse, not even leaving the house). The message should be that this unhealthy addiction and time spent glued to the display, effects your entire existence and the way you experience the world.

It effects the way you SEE, SMELL, HEAR, TOUCH, AND TASTE.

It is effecting not just what we do, but who we are.

We could argue further, that there are deeply rooted social and psychological changes that are taking place, which are having a negative effect on the way we interact with the world around us – that include:
1.) Your relationship with yourself
2.) Your relationship with others
3.) Your relationship with the physical world – nature, architecture, art, music etc
4.) The addiction to validation and recognition that constant posts, shares and likes is creating/fuelling/enabling.

Here in Sydney there is some amazing detailing in the architecture of our older buildings – one of the most interesting one – gargoyles! Clutching to the edges, guarding the streets, holding up lights and generally looking BAD-ASS! And only recently did I SEE their existence after thinking about this notion of ‘looking up’.

The video also states that ‘being alone’ is not the bad thing and that doing things that enrich you in your alone time should be the focus, rather than trawling through images of other peoples taco’s.

The difference is that some people look at those pictures of taco’s to find out how they are made – then they go to the shops, buy the ingredients and learn the art of taco making themselves.

The sadness – is that MANY people don’t. They just WISH they’d made a taco too, it makes them feel inadequate because they didn’t and then they put a little piece of that “taco” AKA… insecurity of not being good enough, fear of failing so they don’t even try, jealousy and spitefulness, an idea that their taco will never be as good as the other taco… they put all of this deep down into their heart to form the larger and overall image of ‘self’.

And so we have a society full of taco wannabe’s and shoulda-beens, and coulda’beens and a whole heap of soggy, sad, depressed, insecure mexican-beans – with no crispy lettuce, no fresh tomato, no scrumptious cheese or soothing cream… no zing, no zap, no flavour or life!

You get the point.

There is more to explore about this topic. But in the meantime, we can start with this…

Let’s make sure we spend a good amount of time ‘switched off’ – it rejuvenates the creative spirit in ways that will surprise us.

Today, i’m taking the challenge to SWITCH OFF, if only for a moment and I’d like to encourage you as well.

Walk outside, take a journal – sketch, write, take photos (on a camera not your phone because that’s at home!), meet with a friend in a park, take a bottle of wine or a nice warm esky of coffee – brainstorm dreams and ask them to leave their phone at home as well.

We should always try and LIVE in the moment, rather than live for the moment we post about the moment. The action of “sharing” the moment on social media (after a healthy amount of editing, manipulating and adding filters of course!) has become the motivation – rather than living LIFE itself.

It is a delicate balance that can so easily slip over into the realms of entrapment rather than freedom.

Technology should always be used to empower us – not enslave us.


HERE IS THE VIDEO THAT SPARKED THIS ARTICLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7dLU6fk9QY