The Studio Marrickville launches this Sunday!
~ Posted by  on Aug 01, 2014 on Innerwest Lifestyle ~

A new collective of Australian co-working communities known as ‘The Studio’ has launched, with spaces popping up in Sydney and Canberra and plans to expand the network across the country. The Studio Marrickville is offering a space for creativity and connectedness and they are hosting an opening party on Mitchell Street (near Bourke Streeet Bakery) on Sunday 3 August from 12pm with free music, food and Stone and Wood beer.

The Studio brings freelancers and small start-up enterprises together in a ‘co-creating’ model that fosters collaboration in a flexible and inspiring environment.  They offer co-working desks and artist studio spaces, as well as coaching on the practicalities of managing a small business and avoiding burnout, and ‘Create or Die’ workshops and short courses to refresh the creative spirit. The Studio Marrickville is also equipped with a workshop, gallery and events space fitted with vintage furniture and props and a film and photography studio.

Founder and Local Community Manager of the The Studio Marrickville and Creative Director of Create or Die, Deb Morgan, has twelve years experience working in the creative industry and has previously managed a co-working space in Erskineville. She says The Studio focuses on “creative sustainability” and provides “a support network for people interested in working in or opening creative spaces.”

“Managing a business can be really hard, especially for creatives,” said Deb. “It can be challenging to learn the skills you need to build a viable business and overheads to rent an office are expensive. The Studio provides a supportive working environment for people who are already running their own business or are sick of ‘working for the man’, and a community of creative professionals that can be drawn upon to add value to your projects,” she said.

The Studio have desk spaces available for people interested in co-working, creative community and collaboration. If you are interested in being part of The Studio network, or want to open your own creative co-working space, get in contact with the good people at The Studio.