“My current practice revolves around the exploration of the Australian landscape and the nostalgia that is evoked from particular locations. I am working in acrylic paint on canvas but have also started to merge my stencil art background with this new subject matter. I am currently in the process of organising some large scale murals to to carry my fine art practice onto the street. I also hope to start working in sculpture to compliment me paintings.
In the last year I have develop a new style that draws influence from both fine art landscape painting and a stencil art background. I have carved out a reputation in the Sydney street art scene for my large-scale murals. Straying away from my street art alter ego ‘syke’, I have been working to develop my painting style to focus on colours and abstraction.
I have always been intrigued by the relationship to country that is culturally ingrained in Indigenous Australians. I am currently exploring my own connection to that same country I feel is lost or undervalued within my generation and todays society. I would love to explore this concept throughout other cultures and witness how this connection alters when put in a city environment. ”

Check out more of Helen’s work here: http://www.helenproctor.com