Kieran Bryant, Beth Dillon and Lachlan Herd all met at UNSW Art & Design while studying Sculpture, Performance and Installation and working for Arc the Student Union, but it wasn’t until they all went away for a residency at the Green House in Fowlers Gap that 110% was formed.

Their first collaboration artwork was in Underbelly Arts Festival 2013, and now they’re back for Underbelly Arts 2015.


What does your art practice involve?

Our practice is based around notions of motivational thinking, group dynamics and the concept of the artist as the facilitator. Our current projects extend to that of the artist being a service provider. The work we are producing for Underbelly Arts 2015, Holiday Feelings, takes a lot from leisure theory. Investigating how artists can be facilitators of a leisurable experience in the viewing of art and what that means to both artists and audiences. Our performance practice is also heavily influenced by audience interaction, which makes the work more interesting for us because it varies so much with each audience’s reaction and response to the work.

What sets you apart as an artist collective?

We were all really good friends before we started working together, I’m not sure if that sets us apart but our collaboration came together organically which has made it easy for us to each have our individual art practices while still contributing to the collective. Also I think perhaps, it’s a sense of humour; we are very willing to laugh at ourselves. We use humour as a way to explore core notions of art facilitation and service providing.


 Tell us about some of your pervious work:

One of our most recent exhibitions was at Archive Space in Newtown called Positive Returns. It was based around the challenges of long distance collaboration. Beth was in Iceland and Berlin while Lachlan was in Spain, both doing residencies, while I was in Australia doing my honours. During this time apart our work focused on how to sustain a working collaboration when distance separates us. For about seven to eight months we constructed and mailed to each other care packages of positivity. We placed limitations on ourselves, such as each package had to be sent by mail and they could only be constructed by whatever we had on hand. The whole experience was really lovely because each work was particularly focussed on what we thought the recipient needed in terms of motivation at that period in time. The exhibition was an amalgamated showcase of all those ‘Positive Returns’ to one another.


Can you tell us about your up coming exhibition for Underbelly Arts Festival 2015:

The name of the work is Holiday Feelings, which is about investigating the artist as a facilitator and provider of leisure and how that role affects both the artist and audience’s experience of the art event. The work will be constructed and delivered in three different parts; The Oasis, The Tour and the Remote Experience.

The audience can enter into The Oasis installation where they will be able to relax, and get away from the festival. Essentially it’s an oasis from the festival within the festival.
The three of us will facilitate The Tour where the audience will be taken around the island in a vehicle we describe as the ‘Royal Treatment’ and shown different artists works within the festival. By giving them a leisurely, VIP experience and outlook on the festival, we are facilitating and crafting their experience on the island.

Lastly the Remote Experience is within the oasis but will be a separate static space. One member of the audience at a time will be allowed, if they so wish, to go into the space and view a slideshow presentation of the festival, a virtual tour, so again experiencing the festival from a different position of comfort and leisure, facilitated by us.


What do you see after Underbelly Arts for the collective, will you continue working together?

Yes of course we will continue working together; we have a few things after Underbelly coming up. We are DJing and performing at Heaps Gay’s ‘Oxjam’ charity fundraiser at GoodGod in August, we have an exhibition at the Corner Cooperative in Chippendale at the end of the year and a couple of other things that are still a bit of a secret. After this year our eyes are set on international horizons.


What does Create or Die mean to you?

Create or die trying.

You can check out 110% at Underbelly Arts Festival on Cockatoo Island from the 1-2 August. Tickets available at:

110% website:

~ Article by Amy Mills ~