How did you come to study at UNSW Art and Design?

I had previously lived in Melbourne and completed a two year Visual Arts course at Swinburne which lead me to think that I wanted to keep on keeping on…. 5 years later. Seriously I had been dabbling with experimental video for a while and thought  ‘What the heck, may as well join the line of lucky buggers with a huge Hecs Debt.’


Is there a theme or subject that your practice evolves around?

I find my work often seems to be about matters of the heart – love, also sex/sexuality. They’re just the things that I find myself preoccupied with. I tend to favour the abject though, finding enjoyment in the strange and uncomfortable. Humour is also really important to my work, mostly because I seem incapable of being serious.

What does your practice involve?

My practice involves a lot of watching films, flicking through smutty magazines, scribbling on endless sheets of paper the half-assed ideas that pop into my head. A whole lot of procrastinating and staring off into space. Then probably some actual art making. And Repeat. The art making bit generally involves filming, green screening, collaging and too many hours chained to my computer editing.


Can you describe a single habit that you believe contributes to your success?

A single habit? Hm… Not sure any of my habits contribute to my success.

Hold up, Wait, am I even successful?!

To be honest, I owe any up and coming goodness to my good-luck-charm (trigger warning: very cheesy)… my sweetheart. She has my back, even when I’m in the manic state that is my creative process. And that kicks all other habits.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I am working on a way I can live 24/7 in a Zentai suit.

I am currently finishing up a video for a group show in a few weeks called Waitlisted. The video is a karaoke channel called Love Song Karaoke. Cross that over with another work for the Bearded Tit I am working on called Free Love. Both of these fulfil my Zentai wearing dreams. So currently – I am winning!


Has study diversified your practice?

I feel like study has opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about my own practice. You get to work alongside a group of super diverse artists who have a completely different outlook on how they make their art. It’s refreshing and often inspiring.

Should art comment on today’s society, and if so does it help progress or hinder society?

I feel like everyone has something to say on today’s society. I mean look at the state of it all—it’s a mess. Whether people want to accentuate the good or throw light upon the worst, it’s all relevant. And we as artists are privileged in the fact that we often have a platform that amplifies our voice. People (sometimes) hear us when we say what’s on our minds. I’d like to think artists help keep society real.

What was the last exhibition you saw?

I am SO slack with seeing shows. And socially inept. Which stops me from regular art show visits.

So the last show I saw was at the gallery of NSW and it was the Archibald prize. Not really my vibe BUT Jenny Kee’s portrait was pretty wonderful. This is also a good reminder that I need to see more excellent local art! Theres plenty in our backyard.


What under-appreciated artist, gallery, or work do you think people should know about?

Shit. I don’ t know… I can think of any one artist, gallery or work off the top of my head. Tough question, so many of my talented mates who are trying to get their work out there. So this question goes out to all of them… You know who you are.

Whats coming up next for you ?

It’s a busy next few weeks with group show Waitlisted on the 1st of October then a week or so after I have a video going up at the Bearded Tit in Redfern. I’ve got some other really exciting stuff on the cards in the months to come, but I can’t let you in on it yet. Ask me again in about seven days…. ;)

Torrie Torrie will be exhibiting as part of WAITLISTED which opens at Create or Die Gallery on 1st October. RSVP to the opening night here: