How did your art story­ begin?
I was always painting and drawing to pass time. I remember watching a self taught artist, Agness Cecil, work in watercolours and ink. I found her artworks beautiful and touching, and it awakened many emotions in me. I never had an artist affected me like that. I wondered if, “I could bring others to feel this type of connection with what I create?” She also gave me confidence to carry on, as it showed me that if you have the talent and passion for art then you don’t need the approval of other people. I turned my full attention to art two years ago after the birth of my second child.
Can you remember one of the first things you drew/painted? What makes it memorable?
I remember painting a scenic outback landscape in high school. I remember it so well because I was bullied at school and in my lunch break I would ask my art teacher if I could hang in her class and do some painting. She was kind enough to say yes because I guess she felt sorry for me. I don’t know why I drew this landscape but I guess it represented the situation I was in. After I finished it, I showed it to my sister and I saw her face, that it meant so much to me, that she kept it.
How has painting influenced your life?
It has showed me a lot of patience.
What research do you do before you start a project?
It really depends on what I’m working on. Most of my creations originate from conversations with other women. I develop an idea from the stories they share and develop a concept. If I’m interested in something particular I read a lot books or watch documentaries. I will do preliminary sketches in pencil of different characters (creatures) that will be central to the end piece.
What are you working on at the moment?
I’m preparing for an up coming group show with the cool kids of Create or Die in October.


Tell us about your last exhibition? 
Ah yes! Beautiful Criatura which ran at the M2 gallery in Surry Hills. My theme was “women who influenced and inspired me in life” and it was an AMAZING and unforgettable experience. I never expected so many people to come to the show and I got great feedback from artists and art lovers. It was great to hear the positive feedback and also hear where I should look to improve.
What do you love most about art, and at the same time what do you dislike about art?
I’m not great with writing or speaking and for years lacked self confidence. Art was my shield and my voice and in a way my savior. There is no wrong in art just differing perceptions and infinite possibilities.
I wish there was more support and guidance for emerging artists in Sydney.
What do you do when your not creating? 
Mostly eating haha, spending time with my family, escaping to the country or catching up with friends. I try to visit the blue mountains often for inspiration.
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