Can you tell us what first drew you to art:
I’ve always been drawn to art. I actually can’t remember ever not having an intense interest in art.
What does your practice involve:
My current practice explores ideas around physical and perceptual boundaries that exist between people and the organic materialisation, or natural environments, around them. Through reductionist style landscape painting I am representing an essence of these spaces, drawing attention to the profound, sublime, and powerful agency that is inherent in them.
What research do you do before a project?
When I get an idea for a project I prefer to start making ASAP. I have learnt that making as a form of research works well for the initial stages of my work. Once I have started creating, I follow this up with discussions with established and emerging artists (including friends and lecturers), as well as reading and internet research.
What is the main challenge you face when beginning a painting?
Starting. The first strokes are always the hardest. I’m finding that to “rough up” the clean substrate or use second-hand materials helps me with inspiration and means I’m less precious with the mark making.
What memorable responses have you had to your work?
After showing a video work in which I’m naked I got a broad range of memorable comments regarding my assets (#dougsbutt). I’ve also had people taking selfies in front of my work and others hugging a large scale sculpture of mine.
Do you see yourself expanding your practice into other fields?
Absolutely. Over the past year I have been expanding from painting and drawing into printmaking, specifically etching, sculpture, installation, and performance. I’m also excited about the possibilities of working with ceramics and other printmaking techniques in the near future.
What do you feel is integral to the work of an artist?
An artists work should reveal their passion for the chosen subject, concepts, art form and medium. It should speak to what is important to the artist.
What’s coming up next for you?
In the next two weeks I’m actually teaming up with a group of artists for the exhibition Waitlisted which will be held at Create or Die Gallery. I am really excited because it’s a great lineup of emerging artists. I’m also lucky enough to be involved in a group show in December of this year, details for which are yet to be advised. My BFA honours year at UNSW Art & Design is fast approaching, for which I have already begun exploring concepts. In general I’m excited about multiple opportunities arising at this point in my artistic career.