We’ve had an overwhelming response from artists and designers in entering the Drink Outside the Square competition already! Thanks for all your emails so far.

We just wanted to let those who enquire know the specs required to submit designs (from the 1st September) – so you can get started!

There are no limitations on the entries aside from;

– Art will need to be set up at 300dpi, 500mm diameter round canvas with 10mm bleed.
– Please submit in low-res, but make sure you design it high-res so that if yours is one of the lucky ones picked to feature in our exhibition opening at Showcase Gallery in Darlinghurst, we can get it produced!

We encourage all forms of print-able visual art forms including; photography, graphic design and fine arts.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page & the website for updates!

An online entry application will be open from 1st September

shoot us an email if you have any specific questions – hello@createordie.com.au

Deb & Belle
Create or Die & Thirst Impressions