Waitlisted, Emergent Artists Exhibition

Waitlisted brings together fifteen emerging artists from within UNSW Art and Design for a group show at Create or Die Gallery opening Thursday 1st October. The artists will join forces from multi-disciplinary fields, including: painting, textiles, ceramics, sculpture, performance, installation and photography, each bringing a unique perspective on their place in the current arts scene.

Waitlisted is curated by Show Us Your Teeth, a collective of four feminist artists who met at UNSW Art & Design. Co-founder Amy Mills initiated the project, and it will be the second time she has taken on a curatorial role for a group show.

Create or Die is supporting the exhibition through their innovative Arts Initiative Program, which launches in September 2015. The organisation has a passion for making space for the arts and creativity, championing both established and emerging artists.

The artists involved are fresh meat in an art scene that favours experience, established networks and followings, and marketable works. All of the artists have spent time developing their works through taking creative risks, experimenting, making, and performing, the artists have been encouraged to work without restrictions on scale, subject, medium, and approach.

With the continual struggle for artists to get their foot in the door and with recent cuts to arts funding in Australia, projects like this become all the more vital for emerging artists to take the next step in their practice.

Waitlisted explores the artists’ experiences as emergent practitioners. The works are diverse in their subject, medium, discipline and presentation forming an eclectic exhibition of fresh talent.

The survival of artists and the contribution they are able to make to the wider community is reliant at this early stage in their careers on the opportunities others afford them, on established artists connecting and providing mentoring and on galleries taking a chance and supporting them as they move through this stage.

Like all emerging artists, there comes setbacks; being turned down for exhibitions because they “lack experience” or were not a big enough “ticket” to be granted a platform, however despite these odds, they persevere because they can see a place for their art within the community, and they are fighting to declare that space theirs.

Opening night: 6pm, Thursday 1st October 2015
Runs through until: Sunday 4th October
Create or Die Gallery
10 Mitchell Street Marrickville, Sydney, Australia

RSVP on the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/611267739013971/