October 14, 2019



The Art of Meditation


The Art of Meditation is designed for people at any stage of their practice, including those who have never tried meditation before.

Anthony Marača’s simple and easy to follow approach to mediation is a breath of fresh air.

This is one of Create or Die’s “Pay what you can” events. Tickets are by donation and designed for inclusivity.



As artists and creators, we are sensitive to the world around us and the pressures involved with making a living, making art, and staying fit and healthy. If you have ever experienced stress, depression, anxiety and struggle to find stillness then this course is perfect to re-centre yourself.

We are all creators, so whether you see yourself as an artist or not, this class is for you!

These meditation evenings aim to help participants establish a consistent and regular meditation practice and will guide you through the meditation process by touching on key elements within the practice and relating these elements directly to the creative process.

The course will creatively encourage participants to explore meditation beyond the techniques that are taught with guided group meditation sessions, art exercises, discussions and take home activities.


“I have been exploring the human condition through both the practice of meditation and dialogue sessions for the past 8 years. After spending time and studying with like-minded practitioners both locally and abroad, I developed meditation sessions with groups of people in Sydney who were looking for calm, peace and a better understanding of their relationship to themselves and the world around them, even in the midst of the bustling city life.” – Anthony Marača.


7 Farr Street Marrickville