The Night are a new Sydney based collective with their debut show being held tonight at Work-Shop in Chippendale from 6pm.

Our interview below with SMC[3] is the third and final leg of The Night introduction trilogy.

When we first met the boys behind The Night, we noticed a distinct connection between them all. We couldn’t quite figure out if it was the fact that they all had big glorious bushy beards or that they spoke with a slow, yet careful slur that must have developed over years of solid dedication to paint fumes.

Whatever the tether, we felt the fusion instantly. A powerful melding of a love for colour, pattern and form, sweaty brows followed by icy cold beers and a dash of irreverent anarchy.

We can’t wait for what 2014 has in store for The Night and to sink our teeth into their new works at this evenings show.


Turn around any corner in the Innerwest suburbs of Erskineville and Newtown and you’re sure to find one of three things; someone asking for a dollar, a new organic cafe or a paste up by SMC[3]. His street pieces are prolific and like a car that you’re looking at buying, once you become aware of it, you’ll see it everywhere.

Whilst considered one of Sydney’s most seasoned artists, he has never lost his passion for “un-commissioned” art in the night.  Like a friendly familiar face when you’re having a bad day, these sneaky street pieces bring an instant smile to the soul and remind us to make art for arts sake.


Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were a kid?
nothing. i never liked the idea of a career or job defining me. As a kid i just wanted to surf skate and draw. living on a tropical island off the grid, was an ultimate ideal.

How did you get into art?
Art has always been my constant. i never really ‘got into it’ or studied or planned to start doing art. It’s always been my thing. thats what i do..not what i ‘want to be’…

Your art could be classified as “street art” however your upcoming show is in a gallery setting and some of the pieces are done on canvas/board and will be for sale. Do you think the term “street art” is still relevant and what does it mean to you?
The term street art to me is ‘art on the street’. The original appeal was art without permission (illegal) putting art up in public for people to see, if they like it or not. Like graffiti it’s an arrogant and aggressive way to show art. Art in a gallery is not art on the street, so the term doesn’t apply, and the viewer should concentrate on the artists intent in an image, not what genre it is.

Do you have a ‘day job’ that pays the bills? How do you manage this with your personal art? Time wise and attention wise.
I have a very simple, easy and flexible day job in which i work very minimal hours to have time to paint and work on art projects

What advise would you give to up and coming artists or people who are thinking of focussing more on their own personal art?
Do it because you want to for yourself with reason and it will show in your art process. not to be cool and get attention.

What does “Create or Die” mean to you?
‘create or wake up everyday complaining about a job you hate’…