It was a mad dash to get the pop-up space ready and looking beautiful for the Creative Women’s Circle on Saturday.

But at 9am, with an hour to spare, I sat down exhausted from a week of preparing and looked at what was previously a building site now transformed with recycled palates, plants, flowers and props and ready for humans! I felt very proud of our little team at Create or Die.

This is what Creative Women are all about – taking the tools they have available to them and creating something wonderful and meaningful – where previously there was nothing.

At 10am, 30 creative women came together to draw inspiration from Sydney based stylist Heidi Moore-Gill, who’s business Bespoke Balloonery provides beautiful hand made items to give that extra layer of joy.

As I listened to Heidi’s background and story of how she got to this point in time, her grace and humbleness mixed with a juxtaposition of strength and determination really sung out to me.

I was inspired by her stories of resilience and how her team pulled together when everything went wrong to perform ‘the miracle’, all the while the client being completely unaware – how many of us can relate to that!?

What struck me the most however was her sense of work/life balance and the choices she has made in order to keep that in her life.

Massive thanks to the team – Christine, Sarah, Amy, Aaron & Storm
And our supporters – Kettletown Teas for morning tea and The Floral Decorator for the lovely flowers and Ken and the team at Kuki Tanuki for allowing us to activate their space with creativity.

~ Deb ~

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