Create or Die is excited to present a unique series of Creative Discussions with a diverse melting pot of visual artists and designers.

When? Monday Nights |  6:30pm – 8:30pm (kick on at the Whisky Bar) | 9th, 16th & 23rd September 
Where? Eliza’s Juke Joint, 5 Eliza Street Newtown (upstairs)
Cost? $30 food & wine package (or donation for general entry at the door)
WTF? A unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of some of Sydney’s most prolific visual artists and designers, sip on some delicious whisky and eat some delicious food.





The series will include lightning talks by each of the speakers followed by intimate peer to peer discussions where we get out our ice cream scoop and dig deep into the brains of some of Sydney’s best designers, photographers, street & contemporary artists and commercial creatives.

Each night a pop-up gallery will be on display showcasing the speakers personal works, with all the artwork being given away during the discussions to members of the audience.

But wait there’s more! After the talks, a Whisky appreciation session will be run by the lovely folks at South Trade.


Monday 9th September – Lineup Announced!
Tickets on Sale 27th August 2013

Peter Greig – Director of Photography –

Sydney Dance Company, Sydney Opera House, National Geographic, Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Peter is a Director of Photography for cinema, TV, web and commercials. He is well known as a creative jack-in-a-box when it comes to creating high quality productions, specialising primarily in motion & stills photography for both the performing arts and outdoor adventure.

In 2010, after years in the advertising and commercial creative industries, Australia Council for the arts awarded Peter a 12 month residency with Sydney Dance Company under the Digital Arts Era Program.

Peter is constantly challenging himself with creative endeavours that stretch the hell out of him (and everyone around him!) both personally and professionally.

On any given day you will find one of the following objects either in Pete’s hands, or within arms reach; large noise cancelling headphones, a camera, a motorbike, a vintage Gibson guitar, a violin bow, a pedal board, some EL wire or a projector – you cannot put this man in a box & if you try he’ll jump right out of it bare foot and hot licks blazing.
Matt Woods – Interior Designer –
Bloodwood, Newtown Social Club, Avido, FBI Social, Chi & Co.

Matt has always been different. His mum will vouch for that. As a child he spent hours fashioning wooden milk crates and old pieces of furniture into spaceships and devices for time travel. On his 10th birthday he actually  disappeared for four hours only to return, heavily tattooed, looking twenty years older and muttering about a sustainable future and strange cafes made from storage containers.

He hasn’t aged since, mentally or physically. But using the knowledge that he gleaned from the future he set to work in the business of manufacturing, design and architecture. He even managed to secure a degree in Industrial and Sustainable Design.

Matt, with his uniquely shaped brain (and head) developed a powerful and rare gift. The ability to innovate and create with forward thinking style and grace. In 2010 his dream was born; a boutique agency with the power to change the world

These days Matt has chosen to step away from time travel and focus on blowing people’s minds with his interior design skills.

He’s still a bit different, ‘unique’ some might say. But he’s found a way to harness this creative eccentricity and fling it in people’s faces with explosive results.

When he’s not busy blowing your mind with textured surfaces, Matt can be found relaxing in his library, sipping Lagavulin and spinning his decks to the soothing sounds of Black Breath, Wagon Christ & Animal Collective.


Jai Pyne – Musician & Dreamweaver –

The Paper Scissors, Fleetwood Machiatto

Jai is one of those rare human beings that can make you smile even when your housemate accidentally tells him to put sugar in your morning coffee or when you wake up late for a client meeting but you’ll sacrifice another 10mins just to hear his music selection & sup on his beans… ok weird?

In his spare time, Jai is a composer, musician, songwriter and producer from Sydney. He was the principal songwriter, producer and frontman for The Paper Scissors from 2005-2012.  Their last album ‘In Loving Memory’ was heralded as “one of the most indisputably forward thinking albums of 2011”.

He has performed at Adelaide Fringe, spoken at the Creative Sydney Festival and has constantly collaborated with other Sydney musicians. In 2011 he devised original music for the contemporary dance work Supermodern with composer Nick Wales, and composed music for the experimental curation project Southless at First Draft gallery.

In 2012 he graduated from AFTRS, opened a cafe in inner-city Sydney (where we happen to get our coffee from every morning!) and put out The Paper Scissors last release the FREE EP.

He has shifted his focus from pop and short form music to composition for film and television.

Thomas Jackson – Artist, Illustrator

Thomas Jackson who reigns from Sydney, Illustrates, animates, paints street murals, and painstakingly creates smaller scale works for gallery’s using job specific mediums.

Reconstructing his inspirations that come from wild life, dilapidated man made structures and animals, he creates a magical world in his paintings.

Investing himself into his works is key to his development and his work ethic that is evident in the intricate details from his works.

Thomas recently chopped his fingers in an axe-weilding expose’ but he (and his fingers) lived to tell the day and lucky for us it was his left hand.

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