Creative Days / Feet Tuesdays

My brother started an instagram project called Feet Tuesdays about a year ago.

Every Tuesday, wherever we are, we take a photo of our feet, post it on instagram and hashtag #feettuesdays.

In the beginning, it was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek, but the beautiful thing about it is that there is now an ever growing group of people who are personally connected every Tuesday through this really simple moment – all over the world.

For me, it’s a chance to take a moment out of my day, every week, to do something creative yet simple that connects me with this group of people.

That brings me to Creative Days. 

My friend and I just happened to coincide Feet Tuesdays with our Creative Days – where we take ourselves out of our normal environment to recharge our creative juices. 

The first couple of creative days stressed the hell out of me! Because I was so worried about all the emails I was missing and work I needed to get done that I found it hard to switch it off. But now I know that I’ll always feel more relaxed, more productive and more creative when I get back to “work”.

Nature plays a big part in the recharging & changing our environment –  so whenever we can we try to get out of town for at least an hour or two – but sometimes it’s as simple as taking ourselves down to the park, a quaint cafe or explore the alleyways of newtown.