Create or Die Spotlight: James Jean

About 16 months ago I came across a little art store that was closing down. I rummaged through a big box full of random offcuts and discarded prints. Everything in the box was $2 or less.

I came across these really dark, surreal prints and fell in love. My friend and I bought all of them. They were quite distinctly by the same artist, but I never really knew who it was until this afternoon.

The guys from Semi-Permanent posted something about an artist called James Jean and the image caught my eye immediately.

I went over to James Jean’s facebook page and scrolled down, spazzing out over the imagery and then came across a familiar piece. The girl with the maze!

I’ve had that image on my wall for over a year now – it was one of the prints I purchased for less than $2 at the little art store that was closing down. It’s moved houses with me and has held a cherished place in both houses.

I love these moments when the universe collides. Thanks James Jean!


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James Jean Spotlight


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