Welcome to the third and final Create or Die Session for Sydney Fringe Festival 2013! And it’s going to be a cracker!

The final session will include lightning talks by each of the speakers followed by intimate peer to peer discussions where we get out our ice cream scoop and dig deep into the brains of some of Sydney’s best designers, photographers, street & contemporary artists and commercial creatives. 

Flutter Lyon will be joining us in facilitating this final session through her unique Ink-Pressing medium to discuss the in’s, out’s and inbetweens of Creative Life.

A Conversation with Dan Marshall – Designer & Art Director, Artis – Anya Brock,  Film Maker – Sean Rodrigo and Deb Morgan – founder of Create or Die, this is sure to be a memorable experience.

When? Monday 23rd September |  6:30pm- 8:30pm, followed by Whisky Appreciation
Where? Eliza’s Juke Joint, 5 Eliza Street Newtown (upstairs)
Cost? $30 “Shabang Ticket”- Includes; Creative Session, Food, Drink and Whisky Appreciation Class OR “Pay What You Can” for standard entry.
WTF? A unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of some of Sydney’s most prolific creative thinkers and doers



Monday 23rd September – Lineup Announced!
Tickets on Sale Now


Flutter Lyon – Artist, Ink-Pressing –  Website
flutter lyon workshop

Flutter Lyon is an Australian contemporary artist who works with a unique visual language known as Ink-Pressing. These striking symmetrical forms, taking inspiration from Hermann Rorschach’s psychological ink-blot tests of the 1920s, engage with the mind of the individual viewer to tell a unique story on any given day.

Created using ink illustrated through syringes on cotton paper, these hyper intricate and technicolour visual artworks represent intimate conversations – both in the mind of the artist and conversations shared with participants during personal Pressing Sessions.

Integral to Flutter Lyon’s practice is a desire to create spaces and experiences that allow moments for a person to be still. The Ink-Pressings act as an anchor point for people to take a moment to consider different ways of seeing themselves and the world around them. She is interested in breaking down the traditional walls that sometimes surround the artistic and creative worlds and inviting any person into that fold – giving that person simple ways to utilise the offering of that experience in their daily lives. She also conducts creative workshops and hosts dinner events that encourage conversation and connection between individual human beings.


Dan Marshall –  Designer, Art Director – http://www.danielmarshall.net/

We have BIG love for Dan Marshall – he’s been an important collaborator for us here at Create or Die (including devising our new logo!) and we are so excited to be joined on the couch by him for our very last Create or Die Session for Sydney Fringe 2013.

Dan’s BLURB:
Now that you’ve enjoyed looking at the pretty pictures, here’s the particulars of their creator.

I’m a graphic designer with eighteen years experience, gained whilst employed by agencies on both sides of the globe. Pentagram and Landini Associates included, where I was Head of Graphics. I’ve been in Sydney for the past twelve years and have been employed at agencies that gave me access to a large variety of clients. Since 2010 I have been running my own successful design studio.

Don’t be afraid of the small studios, they are usually run by the people who did the best work in the big studios. I allow my clients the opportunity to work directly with the person who actually does the work.

I work with a diverse range of clients, from individuals, 
to global companies, all from a wide range of sectors, including the arts, hospitality, education, retail and corporate.


Anya Brock – Artist – http://www.anyabrock.com/

Whether her paintings illuminate an otherwise plain brick wall, or are travelling down the torrential river that is a social media news feed, the art of Anya Brock is unmistakable and striking. From her use of bold, expressive black lines, to the kaleidoscopic colour palette through which she sees the world, Anya’s paintings present an ecstatic and infectious energy everywhere they appear. They bring life.

Zebras brightly coloured beyond their own monochrome stripes, birds whose plumage bleeds together… these things that she so often returns to – images of girls crying tears of house paint – are Anya’s fingerprint as an artist. And although her work is most often described in visual terms, the closest form of expression to what she is doing is jazz, because her work is neither about the subject nor the observer… it is about the process.

A native of the fashion industry, Anya started and ran high-end label Anan for eight years, but it was after working in London for Christopher Kane and Richard Nicoll that she discovered her love of painting. Leaving London behind her, Anya returned to Perth in 2011 to fully immerse herself. As the immersion deepened, Anya’s work became more and more visible in her hometown, decorating some of the city’s most popular spots with bright and cheerful murals, and finding their way onto the walls of Subiaco and Fremantle art galleries; Anya’s trademark sexy-face girls becoming sought-after icons of bold and sexy femininity.

Making her New York debut as a winner of the 2012 Stoli ORGNLtv competition, Anya’s work began attracting international attention for its striking beauty, playfully contradictory titles and jazz-like use of geometry. Echoing her life through her work, oozing charm and sexuality through wave after wave of colour, Anya’s style has been instantly recognised by her peers as definitive, and is continuing to make ripples on the international market.

Anya relocated to Sydney’s Bondi in early 2013 where she continues to breathe life onto walls and canvas among the bustle of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. As they did in her hometown, Anya’s sexy-face girls are now gracing the covers of Sydney’s Urban Walkabout guides… a fitting omen, and a fair sign that she has truly arrived. An artist in residence.


Sean Rodrigo – Director, Producer – http://www.seanrodrigo.com/ 

Based in Sydney, Australia Specializing in Television Commercials, Viral Marketing, Music Video Production, Animation and Visual effects. Sean has written and directed projects for clients including: MTV Australia & NZ, Jagermeister, Moosehead hair products, Aconex, Smirnoff,Topdeck travel, Hungry Jacks, Nintendo, Student Flights,Westfield, Animals Australia, First National Real Estate, Ice watches, Lipton, Nudie Juice