Welcome to Session number TWO of the Create or Die Sessions at Sydney Fringe Festival! Meet Mulga the Artist, Jessie of Art Party, Film Maker Nils Crompton and Bravo Child.

Create or Die is excited to present a unique series of Creative Discussions with a diverse melting pot of visual artists and designers.

When? Monday 16th September |  7pm – 8:30pm, followed by Whisky Appreciation by South Trade
Where? Eliza’s Juke Joint, 5 Eliza Street Newtown (upstairs)
Cost? $30 – Includes; Creative Session, Food, Drink and Whisky Appreciation Class
WTF? A unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of some of Sydney’s most prolific visual artists and designers, sip on some delicious whisky and eat some delicious food.



The series will include lightning talks by each of the speakers followed by intimate peer to peer discussions where we get out our ice cream scoop and dig deep into the brains of some of Sydney’s best designers, photographers, street & contemporary artists and commercial creatives.

Each night a pop-up gallery will be on display showcasing the speakers personal works, with all the artwork being given away during the discussions to members of the audience.

But wait there’s more! After the talks, a Whisky appreciation session will be run by the lovely folks at South Trade.


Monday 16th September – Lineup Announced!
Tickets on Sale 27th August 2013

Mulga the Artist

Mulga the Artist (Joel Moore) – http://mulgatheartist.com.au/ 

Mulga is Sydney based artist, Joel Moore,a man with unique style and inspiration. He creates unforgettable artworks of the things he loves to draw; bearded characters, gorillas, lions and magical creatures with laser beam eyes. Originally Mulga worked in economics and finance, until he realised that making art was much more fun.

Working from his dining room table and taking inspiration from wild and wacky characters, Mulga plays with combining textured shapes, with solid hues, bold colours, and of course his signature intricate line work.

Mulga is also incredibly clever with words, creating poems that sit alongside his art, adding even more depth and intrigue to his already engaging work. He is currently working on a children’s book about a gang of creatures that live in a beard, and with his clever word play and illustrations, this is definitely one book to look out for.


Nils Crompton- Film Maker –  http://www.nilscrompton.com/ 

Nils Crompton – Showreel from Nils Crompton on Vimeo.

“When introduced at a party I say I’m a filmmaker – such a slippery little term!

In my own time I produce independent films, art installations, and music videos. When I freelance it’s as an editor / motion designer / director in the cosy design studios that populate Sydney’s inner city. Before all this, I went to art school in Hobart, and film school in Sydney.”


Jessie Ray – Art Party


Founder and Director of Art Party, Jessie Ray is a multi-disciplinary artist, who grounds herself in the belief that the profound effects of art, creative collaboration and an openness to experiment can save a life. Primarily a visual artist (painting/drawing/muralling), Jessie had her first international exhibition alongside Megan Roodenrys in Abu Dhabi at the tender age of 19. With several local solo exhibitions under her belt, Jessie began to expand her portfolio to include spoken word/performance poetry, singer/songwriting, fire spinning and artistic community development and at the age of 25 began the international grassroots movement known simply as Art Party. Described as a force of nature, and a powerful change-maker, Jessie mostly wants to spread her Mum’s healing hugs around the world, through as many different art forms as possible, in one big social experiment.

Art Party began in Sydney as a monthly night of mixed-genre art and collaborative connection. There is no distinction between performer and audience, for one cannot exist without the other. Including spoken word poetry, singer/songwriting, dance, burlesque, live art/graff work, body percussion, fire spinning, magic, circus arts and the experimental, this is a no-holds-barred event. Beginning the National Touring schedule in April 2013, Art Party has connected with local, emerging and established artists in Brisbane, Byron, Melbourne, Canberra, Gosford and St Petersburg (Russia).

Art Party is about hugging, open love, sharing, holding space and opening your mind to what could be, wihle being entertained by phenomenally gifted performers. Once we find community support an engage with new artists, giving them a platform, the audience a new experience and friends a new family, we realise there is really nothing we can’t do, the world becomes smaller and more meaningful each day. Come along to the next one, let your heart vibrate and step away from all that modern day apathy – it truly is a beautiful thing.

Bravo Child – game design, animation, storytelling, poetry, experience design

Bravo Child is an acclaimed Sydney based performance poet who has starred in productions at Newcastle Young Writers’ Festival and The State Library SLAM poetry competitions. Child had described himself as “having a passion for language and the innate aesthetics of human expression”. He has run poetry and storytelling workshops in the community, education and business sectors all around Australia. As an artist he has brought his brand of playful performance to stages at the Sydney Festival, Melbourne Overload Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and Sydney Opera House

Aside from saving the world, Bravo Child also runs Watermelon Fireworks, which is an experiential design studio, creating sensory events through which participants can re-engage with their surroundings, connect with each other and fully acknowledge themselves via their senses. These immersive moments are celebrations of the Now. Fun, frivolous, silly, beautiful. The surrender is empowering as each individual can tune-in, through a heightened awareness, to the subtle living stimuli which we can all too easily become numb to in our daily lives. Watermelon Fireworks aims to fill people with wonder, curiosity, awe, titillation and the relief of letting go.