Big congratulations to Aaron Petersen and the team from Zach’s Ceremony who made their Pozible target on Friday and raised $30,000 to finish their project!

We caught up with Aaron a few weeks ago to find out more about the documentary, you can view the trailer and read the full article here.

Zach’s an ordinary Australian kid, struggling with life in the city and the outback. His dominant father insists he connects with his Aboriginal roots through the ancient rite of Initiation, but as the pressure of ceremony builds, the bond with his father breaks down, leaving Zach more lost than ever.

Zach's Ceremony

“In the city they call me blackfella, in the outback they call me whitefella. I don’t know who I am.” Zach Doomadgee 13 yrs

This is the deeply personal conflict at the core of ‘Zach’s Ceremony,’ a story about a boy who straddles two contrasting worlds – urban versus rural, modern versus ancient, and black versus white. At the heart of this film is the clash of culture, race and identity.

Zach's Ceremony2

The team’s aim:

Australia has one of the most beautiful and unique cultures in the world, with a history spanning more than 50,000 years. Indigenous communities have kept this precious heritage alive by passing arts, rituals and performances from one generation to another; but this transference of knowledge is at risk, as young Indigenous Australians struggle to cope with opposing cultures and practices in modern-day Australia. Using the power of film, our aim is to encourage people to take in this one-of-a-kind emotional and inspiring journey and capture and preserve this knowledge.

Zach's Ceremony3