Broken Empire, Solo Exhibition by Apeseven

One of our favourite Sydney Artists, Apeseven is exhibiting his solo show Broken Empire for this weekend only at M2 Gallery.

“In the never ending battle between control and chaos, life springs eternal and the instruments of force are nothing but the genesis and mechanisms for new life.

The anatomical detail in Apeseven’s new work is perfection. The use of this ultra­realistic style to take us on a journey into the realm of surreal, however, is truly fascinating and unique.

The contrast of life and death in these images are prominent and confronting, but the intrinsic beauty of his works outweighs all else.”

To catch Broken Empire head down to
M2 Gallery
4/450 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, Sydney
Saturday 11-3pm
Sunday 11-3pm

For more details, head to the facebook event page: