BRAD ROBSON was born in Sydney, Australia and currently works out of his studio in Marrickville.

Robson started on a graphic designer trek at the age of 19 years. As a self-taught fine artist, Brad developed his technique as he completed his studies. Robson became a teacher on Album Sleeve Designs for an art college in Sydney while continuously pursing his painting career.

In 2011, Robson completed a residency in Illustration and Visual Storytelling at the famed School of Visual Arts in NYC, and has since had an ongoing love affair between the Innerwest of Sydney and the Big Apple.

The urban landscape, a representation of vitality and space, galvanised his inspiration to paint with colourful abstracted forms. The human form and hidden psyche’ is also a great source of muse for Robson, which he captures brilliantly in his intriguing fractured portraits and nudes.

In 2013, Robson had his premiere solo exhibition at the Berlin Collective in Manhattan. Since then, he caught the eye of Director John Woodward and is featured in three simultaneous New York City solo exhibitions as well as numerous exhibitions and galleries in and around Sydney.

Brad’s recent commission for the historic Four Seasons Hotel, New York City. 2015

Create or Die Gallery was honoured to host Brad’s exhibition, Together Alone late 2014, and he became our informal artist-in-residence whilst he worked on a mural in our space and on backdrops for resident film-makers Kitsune Productions.

We spoke to him during that time talk about his work, process and philosophy on creating and are currently working on several collaborations together, including the Laneway Projects.


We’ve had the pleasure of watching you work and although you sometimes start with a rough sketch or idea, the work often seems to take on a life of it’s own. Can you tell us about the process?

I feel better about my work when it comes from abstraction, because it’s something of the unknown. There’s a certain… magic to it. I feel like a good piece will take over and begin to create itself.

I like to work on several pieces at the same time and if I am really feeling a piece, I will focus on that solely for a while and let myself become lost in it.

“Futurist” Sold

How do you motivate and inspire yourself to do your art?

I just show up. Everyday. I surrendered to the fact that I am an artist. It’s about being brave enough to choose. It’s like you guys say, create or DIE

One of your recent shows was inspired by your residency this year in NYC. What was the studio like where you were based? Tell us about the series of works that came from it.

It was a classic NY art studio – an old sewing industrial factory with huge big old-fashioned doors. I’ve always been inspired by the urban environment and there is none better than New York.

The works were inspired by the streets and people around me – but more so the psychology – apathy, ego, empathy. I like to bring out the stronger human emotions – to paint candid pictures when it’s more truthful. This humanity that a lot of us try and hide, but we all have it. I like to paint that.

Brad’s Archibald entry 2015 of his friend and talented photographer, Edmond Thommen. Photo by Edmond Thommen

We notice that you often use unconventional tools to paint, can you tell us about the tools you use?

I use big uses big brushes, rollers, squeegees, oil, acrylic. The tools need to be ready to go, because once I’m in a state to start creating, I feel like I loose traction, lose the flow if I have to set things up. I like to mix all the colours and get all the paintbrushes out and then dance with the canvas.

“Dreamcote.” Currently on exhibition as part of Create or Die’s Featured Artist Program at Erksine Villa Restaurant and cafe on Erskineville Road.

Can you give some advise to people wanting to focus more on their personal art?

I kicked myself in the ass and chose to paint every day – just go there and work. Don’t have expectations, just go there and work. The work is it’s own reward.

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