Terry was one of the winners of our 2011 Drink Outside the Square Competition, we took some time out to find out how Terry got to be where he is today and why he would rather Create or Die!

Name: Terry Chisholm or Meny Miny Mo (depending on what medium I am using).

What’s your day job? Where to start, in my current job I was originally contracted as a Typographer, 3 years later I am still doing a lot of Typography but I’m also a designer and in-house photographer for anything that needs shooting around the studio. Currently I work for an advertising agency called The Monkeys (Formally Three Drunk Monkeys) in Sydney. I am also an artist who exhibits frequently.

How did you get into your profession or the position you are currently in? Well I used to work as a boat builder for Americas Cup. One day I fell down a set of stairs and out a window and broke my neck, consequently I had about 6 months paid leave off work to heal… well 6 months is quite a long time and it was great doing nothing but stuff my face with food and watch day time soap’s for the first month, but I soon became extremely bored –  then I discovered computers and the internet!

I have always been quite creative and painted from an early age so I ended up teaching myself design. I had a few junior roles in the beginning ranging from making flash banners to video editing, 3D & design at a number of studios around Auckland New Zealand.  Before moving to Sydney to work at The Monkeys, I worked in account service and as a designer at Ogilvy – since then I have stayed in advertising.

How did you find out about Drink Outside the Square? My usual routine in the morning before I start work is drink coffee and check out design & advertising websites. I saw this competition on a number of them so I entered it. I also had shown work at the Showcase Gallery launch and I knew it was close to where I lived so if I made the shortlist I would be able to go to the exhibition and drink all the free beer – which i did!!

What’s your favorite place to grab a glass of wine or an ice cold beer in Sydney during summer? The London,  4 In Hand & The Hideout, all are in Paddington.

What does “create or die” mean to you?  I guess it is something I really try to live by, whilst my official job title on paper is a designer, I do not limit myself to just design.

I try to create products, photograph, sculptures and I paint – anything I can get my hands on that involves me creating something really. I’m not saying I am any good at any of these things but I give it a go! Some work out, some don’t… I actually get quite weird & irritable if I have not created anything for a few days, imagine a 5 year old drinking 4 litres of soft drink, I am not much fun to be around when I am like that.

Some of Terry’s personal work…