Ok, so you’re a cinematographer, painter, musician, illustrator, writer, photographer, creative practitioner, ARTIST! And the day finally comes where you pluck up the confidence to proclaim, not just to the people who ask “what do you do?”, but also to yourself “Yes, I’m an artist and this is what I do!”

So you build a website to display your work… awesome (if you haven’t already, that’s something we can help with!)

Then comes the overwhelming task of writing about yourself.

“Should I write in the third person? Yeah, that’s what the pro’s seem to do. Isn’t that a bit weird and egotistical… but it’s professional… but I can’t do it! Argh! Ok, I’ll write in the first person, yes…that’s honest and then people will know exactly who I am. Wait… does this sound too funny? Do I sound like a weirdo? And I need a photo now, I’ll use my iPhone… Oh GOD NO! I give up! I’m not an artist! I suck!”

or how about this…

“What’s an ABN? Do I need to be registered for GST? Should I trade under my own name… or a made up name? How do I document my work? I want to make high quality prints of my work… how do I do that? What do I charge for my services? Do I need contracts?”

Does all this sound familiar?

Every creative person we meet goes through these hellish experiences at some stage – and it can feel like a lonely, endless ocean of confusion. You’ve taken the incredible step of doing what makes you truly happy in the world and you’re making a difference with your art, the next step is establishing and promoting yourself in an honest, professional and integral way… which for some reason, all artists struggle with.

Create or Die’s Artist and Creative Development can help.



How does it work?

In a safe and relaxed setting, (whilst sharing a cup of tea, coffee… or whisky) we will have an initial conversation with you about your art and your practice. We want to get to know you, your triumphs and struggles, your philosophies and goals, how you create your work and what inspires you – your unique journey an an artist.

In this session, we will discuss where you are at and what you need the most help with.

We have partnered with trusted professionals and consultants, along with fellow creative practitioners, to pull together a gun-team of people who are passionate about art, artists and the vital role of creativity in our society; to provide soulful, down-to-earth and easy to understand advice and services to help you with your Arts Business.

From here, we can help you with any of the following, but not limited to;

  • Creative Direction
  • Artist Bios & Written Material
  • Portrait Photography
  • Artwork Documentation
  • Business Consulting – getting started, registering a name, ABN, GST etc
  • Websites
  • Business Cards
  • General Arts Business Support – tailored to you and the stage of your practice.


Email or Call Deb Morgan
e: deb@createordie.com.au

ph: 0414412797

~ All photos by Ash Zombola for Create or Die ~