Occupation: I’m a photographer. This is one of the longest jobs I have had. Being a creative, I think we get bored very easily and don’t like to be in the same office for more than a year. That’s definitely me. I’ve been in this for 3 years now and the variety of the industry keeps me going. So… I studied natural history illustration. If I was born 200 years ago, I would have had a great career with charles darwin. I’ve gone from pre-camera art to camera art. I was the naughty one coz I couldn’t keep my paper clean… so the whole clinical drawing thing didn’t quite work out for me.

What objects did you bring: I brought my dog. I brought a fern that’s in a stack of books. Some Dunny toys (vinyl toys). Gold domes and a dinosaur with a tree growing out of the back of it. I love nature, I’ve always been an outdoor person. I LOVE books. And I love animals. But also I’ve been really passionate about animal welfare. Greyhounds especially at the moment. Tia (our dog) was a rescue. 17,000 get killed every year because they just aren’t fast enough. It’s so sad.

What do you do to revive your creative spirit: For me personally being outdoors. Even something like walking in a park in suburban Sydney, but the further you can get out of the city the better. It just reconnects and grounds you. Getting away from a city reminds me about what I want to do. There’s so much beauty in nature. I’m a country kid at heart. Stress is contagious, so living in city like Sydney, even just leaving your home, you walk past so many people are stressed and that rubs off on you. When you get out of the city, you remember – this is what life is meant to be like.

What does Create or Die mean for you: It makes me think of the time I was working in a 4 wall office building and everyone doing a 9-5 and the life getting sucked out you, there was no sun light. I felt like I was going to die. The more you are away from creating, the harder it is to get back to it. There are a lot of people who when they stop creating and that part of them dies.


Photo by Chrissie Hall
Interview by Deb Morgan