I’m a photographer, mainly wedding photography. I work with my partner and we try to bring our creativity into our work. There’s a new wave in wedding photography which is super creative. Otherwise it would bore me shitless.

What made you get into photography?
I’ve always loved visual things, but I was never that great with my hands. So capturing things that already existed and finding metaphors within them, really inspired me. Photography was the best way for me to do that. It’s also something very personal, because it’s something I can do on my own. I feel like photographers might be a bit reclusive perhaps, we are shielded by the camera. So we get to be an extravert where we otherwise wouldn’t be perhaps.

What objects did you bring:
Lenses – which represents my professional side, myself – which is the intermediate, and the confetti – which is the fun. Our job is very professional, so we have to mediate between those things. Also it’s colourful and confetti is awesome!

What do you do to revive your creative spirit:
When I started photography it was really excited. But then when I started shooting weddings, I suddenly found it really boring and was finding it hard to get that inspiration… perhaps because I was working for other people. But now, doing it for myself, I’ve realised that I can make it what I want. Once I broke away, I realised it can take you on so many avenues. Food photography, environmental portraits etc. I’m really married to my work and I actually find that reviving. Wedding photography is also seasonal. So in the down seasons we try to look at what we do as a whole. I really do find working on things like our website, typography etc refreshing because it’s something different to photography… we also race our remote control car with our dog.

What does Create or Die mean to you: I think it means you need to evolve within yourself and within your own art. You can peter out and get bored with what you’re doing. So you need to be always present within yourself and not dying on the inside.