How would you describe your practice?
Quirky and imaginative. I’m a cosplayer and a prop builder.

Can you explain what a “cosplayer” is?
Yeah, so it’s basically making costumes, dressing up in them and going comic book conventions.

Once i’ve finished the costumes, I make sure they are protected and stored away. With other pieces I like to have them on display. I wear the pieces to conventions, for my videos on YoutTube and I’ve also done a couple of performance based gigs.

How did you first start & why?
Um. I think every bloke kinda wants to be a superhero no matter how tough they look or how many tatts they have. Every guy wants to be superman or batman, and I wanted to make a living out of it! I wanted to build props and make a living out of the fact that I never want to grow up. Because let’s face it adulting is boring.

What revives your creative spirit?
When you see something you’ve made and it’s exactly what you envisioned, that is really rewarding.

What keeps you going?
The fact that my work is never finished. I will always revisit my work. And the feedback I get from viewers and fans etc really keeps me going.

What is the last dream you remember?
As cliche a it was. I was batman. I kid you not. I think it was because I’m working on the suit at the moment and in the dream it was fully finished. I think because I’m excited about finishing it, that the dream was really vivid.

Do you have any daily rituals?

I cannot function without coffee.

I have to have a coffee or a beer in my hand. I seem to work better caffeinated or drunk.

What are your other creative outlets?
I like to try and make people laugh on camera with my videos. I think there’s no better feeling than making someone laugh, especially if they’re feeling down. I love building things as well, anything that’s a challenge, that feels a little impossible or out of reach… it’s like I go “well… we’ll see about that!”

What props did you bring to the shoot? Why?
I brought an Edward Scissor Hands hand – and the reason is because it’s one of my top 10 movies and it’s so intricate. I made this hand and because they’re wasn’t much behind the scenes footage of the movie, so some parts you have to kind of guess. There are concept drawings online but the final piece that they used for the movie changed so drastically. I also kind of see a bit of myself in Edwards, no matter how hard you try with something, you don’t want to hurt it but you end up breaking it.

I also brought the top half of my bat suit – the chest body suit – that’s one thing i’m extremely proud of with the parts i’ve culled from all over the world. It’s been a lot of research and tracking down of things like original goggles, holster etc. It’s the Knightmare version of batman. Very Mad Max Batman.

What is the hardest thing about your practice?
Pleasing yourself. Trying to be 100% satisfied with your work. At the end of the day, you’re your own worst critic.

What has been the most significant moment for you creatively so far?
When Robert Englund who plays Freddy Krueger, wore one of my Freddy gloves for a photoshoot and he said it was the perfect fit.

How do you find motivation or find what you are going to work on next?
I kind of wing it. I go into it having no idea what I’ll make next. As soon as I saw Ben Affleck in his suit, I was like – that’s the Bat Man I want to see on screen. Old, Weary and World-Worn.

If money were no object, or it didn’t exist, what would you do?
This. I’d still do this.

What do you see yourself doing, when you are say… 60?
Old man bat man. Still building. Still creating. Still keeping the imagination going. The second on you stop using it, that’s when your brain starts to shut down. I’d still love to be doing exactly what i’m doing now but maybe have a team behind me and doing film work.

What are you currently working on / what’s coming up for you?
Finishing the Edward Scissor hands and I will be doing the Armoured mech suit from batman verses superman.

What does “Create or Die” mean to you?
All or nothing.

~ 100 PICTURES | 100 STORIES – Interview by Deb Morgan / Shot by Chrissie Hall ~


This portrait was taken as part of Create or Die's series 100 PICTURES | 100 STORIES - photography by Chrissie Hall and Interview by Deb Morgan