What is your practice?
Photography, Bespoke Street Casting & Production.

Can you explain a little more about the casting & production side of things?
So with the Production side of things, it’s all about making the shoots happen in advertising; coordinating crew, equipment, running the shoots on the day etc.

With the casting, I generally get a brief and then go looking for that person/people on the streets. With Facebook now, it has opened up the space a lot online for casting, but I still really like street casting. Having a photographic background, I can normally tell if people will be comfortable in front of the camera. Also facebook isn’t always up to date. I work mostly in stills, but moving into motion now and I’d really love to move into TV.

What objects did you bring: I brought a phone, a digital SLR and a point & shoot. So one of the camera’s is the professional element and the other is the casting elements.

I brought a toilet roll holder the shape of a film canister because I studied fine arts & film – so it’s symbolic of the actual film that we used to use… and it also looks cool.

And Juggling Balls – because I juggle a lot of things at once. Actually that’s exactly me – juggling multiple things, all the time. It’s the way I love it. If I could have, I would have brought a pie… or many pies and have my fingers in them all.

What do you do to revive your creative spirit: Swim in the ocean, watch films and go dancing.

How did you hear about this project: Chrissie is a friend and I saw the exhibition you guys did last year at Create or Die, and I really wanted to get involved then!

What does Create or Die mean to you: It’s like life or death. To not be creative is the death of yourself.